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Specialised Signs in Austrian Sign Language

In vocational training, it is necessary to use specialised and technical terminology. There is a reference work of such specialised Signs on the website: www.vol.equalizent.com.

Users can look up specialised terminology under the menu point Fachbegriffe A-Z (A - Z of Specialised Terms) and find the appropriate Signs listed alphabetically or by field of work.

From abduction to zoonosis, the specialised sign is shown and its meaning concisely explained. Commonly used abbreviations can also be found on the website.

The information is only available in German and Austrian Sign Language

  • Zertifiziert 

    WienCert zertifiziert
  • Hauptfördergeber 

    Hauptfördergeber Sozialministerium
  • Anerkannter Bildungsträger 

    Anerkannter Bildungsträger AK Wien
  • Anerkannter Bildungsträger 

    Anerkannter Bildungsträger WAFF
  • Zertifiziert 

    Zertifiziert ECDL